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Ramen Frenzy - Instant Noodles Goodness @ Mongolife

Join the Ramen Frenzy 🍜

Do you truly love ramen? If the answer is yes, we have good news for you.

Did you know that if you ate instant noodles for every meal for a whole year, it would only cost you around $142? That's like 3% of what the average American spends on food in a year.

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Another reason to show off your love for this instant dish is that in 2000, a Japanese study proudly voted the noodles to be greatest innovation of the 20th century. Ironically enough, when it was first presented to the market it was doomed to be a failure as it had no future in the food industry. Who's laughing now as it has grown from a national food to a global one.

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Ramen wasn’t always so cheap. When it was first introduced in Japan in 1958, it was 6 times as expensive as fresh noodles. Maybe that was why people saw no future to it. Fortunately, innovations in food production changed all that which lead to a lot of people surviving their college years. 

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