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10 Best Weed Clothing Brands Right Now

10 Best Weed Clothing Brands Right Now

Stoner streetwear and weed clothing is gaining in popularity and is ready to make a big impact on the fashion world. To no surprise, seeing as public opinion on the kush is changing every day to the better. There is something appealing about the carefree and cool look associated with fashionable stoners. To help you navigate this world we’ve listed some of our favorite weed clothing brands on the market right now. *This list is in no particular order.

Sundae School

This is one of our favorites right now. Describing themselves as a craft cannabis brand they offer a lot of cool "smokewear" in different varieties. Based in California with roots in Seoul, they aim to de-stigmatize the plant through dope clothes.sundae school logo and lookbook image


Unique and contemporary stoner artwork on clothes and homegoods? Yes, please. This is the creation of Mexican artist Ilse Valfré who showcases strong female characters in her work.

valfre stoner art


Mongolife has been around since 2015 and is beginning to become a staple in the weed clothing community. The shop features funny graphic t-shirts and all-over prints with a weed theme and other clothing and accessories. This is where to get those one-of-a-kind gift ideas for your friends.

Mongolife Weed Clothing Brand

Bored Teenager

If you’ve watched Workaholics this one is for you. This brand was created by Blake Anderson, one of the main characters in the show that heavily revolves around pot smoking. Bored Teenager presents a beautiful collection of clothes in vibrant colors and graphics and some classic tie-dyes.

Bored Teenager Clothing Brand

Stigma and Style

Unique and cool stoner brand that caters more to women, but also men. Founded by two millennial friends who were tired of the stigma of marijuana that millennials grew up with.

Stigma & Style

Mowgli Surf

If you’re into tie-dye you can’t go wrong with Mowgli Surf who has a beautiful collection of unique hand-made tie-dyes. Everything is ethically made in California.

Mowgli Surf Apparel

HUF Worldwide

A legend in the streetwear and skate world, we find HUF Worldwide. Started back in 2002 by famous skater Keith Hufnagel. To show their love for the green they launched the 420 Collection which is well worth a visit. 

HUF Worldwide


We would be nuts not to feature Cookies, created by the rapper Berner, Cookies has a lot of different styles to offer. Be sure to check out their button-ups for some funky new clothes.

Cookies SF - Logo and Lookbook Image

Mister Green

Another brand based out of LA is Mister Green which is known for a more discreet stoner look and calls itself "A friendly shop for high-minded people" suggesting that they also touch on psychedelic fashion, which we don't mind at all.

Mister Green Stoner Clothing

Letter Shoppe

This creation is what happens when not only do the wearers take drugs, it also looks like the clothes themselves are high. If you've ever thought you were a witch in a previous life, this is the shop for you.

Letter Shoppe

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