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3 Unique T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Stoners

3 Unique T-Shirt Gift Ideas for Stoners

Looking for some unique t-shirts your recipient surely hasn't seen before? Check out some of our latest additions  that we think makes great gifts for stoners and tokers out there.

This small carefully selected collection of stoner apparel makes great gifts for anyone who is interested in cannabis culture and smoking.

Take Me To Your Dealer

man wearing Alien Cannabis T-shirt

One of the coolest aliens out there taking a puff of smoke off his blunt in front of some weed plants. Now he just needs you to take him to your dealer. A fun and unique print featuring a tattooed stoner alien. Buy it here ->

Roman Numerals 420 Shirt

IV:XX - 420 in Roman Numerals T-Shirt
A more discreet choice when it comes to cannabis clothing is the shirt featuring the famous 420 number but in roman numerals. For when you're trying to be a bit more low key in public but open to meet other fellow smokers. Buy it here ->

McNuggs - Fast Food Weed Nuggets

mcnuggs weed bud nuggets t shirt
Craving or wishing you could buy weed nugs like you can buy fast food? This unique weed t-shirt surely stands out (even if you get it in a more discreet color) with an original drawing of some marijuana buds in a fast food box. Buy it here ->
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