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7 Weed Decorations and Ornaments for Christmas

7 Weed Decorations and Ornaments for Christmas

Make Christmas more fun with these weed decorations. For many people, Christmas and cannabis go hand in hand. Cuddle up by the Christmas tree under a cozy blanket and a bong. If you ever thought that cannabis Christmas decorations could be something for your home this Christmas, we’ve got you covered. Liven up your Christmas tree with either extravagant or more discreet decorations suitable for any event.

Cannabis Christmas Ornaments and Weed Decorations

Products are listed in no particular order.

Let's Get Baked by Gnometastic

Stoner Gnome Cannabis Elf

A cool ass little stoner homie elf with an ugly Christmas sweater reading "Let's Get Baked". This gnome is definitely naughty and high. Get it here →

Cannabis Christmas Tree by DecoBudz

Fake Cannabis Plant for Christmas Tree

Another fun idea is to get your own cannabis Christmas tree. Unfortunately this is hard to do with real weed plants unless they are grown outdoors with a thicker stem. It might also be illegal where you live. So why not just get a plastic cannabis tree and decorate it with your own ornaments? This plastic replica of a cannabis plant stands at 25-30 inches tall and would make for a cute cannabis Christmas tree in your home. Get it here

Happy Holidaze Christmas Tree Weed Ornament

Happy Holidaze - Cannabis Christmas Tree Ornament

This simple and clean ornament might look unsuspecting at first and would probably even fool grandma. Comes in a heart shape and oval shape reading Happy Holidaze with cannabis leaves that look like Christmas holly. Get it here

Holy Smokes Glass Ornament

Jesus Cannabis Christmas Ornament

For anyone who loves a bit of twisted humor and poking fun at Jeezus. High quality hand painted glass ornament featuring Mr. Jesus H. Christ smoking up with the text Holy Smokes. A home run you can shop here on Etsy.

Scandinavian Ornament Gnomes

Scandinavian Stoner Gnomes

If you’re on a budget or looking for several ornaments in one package, why not check out these cute gnomes? We can’t help but notice that they look like they could be little stoned gnomes hanging around in your Christmas tree. Get it here on Amazon.

Bong Elf Candy Cane - Weed Ornament

Elf smoking a bong Christmas Tree Ornament

What's funnier than an elf lighting up a candy cane bong for Christmas? Surely he's smoking the stickiest bud in the North Pole. Hand painted and made from resin makes it durable and lasts a long time. Find it here on Amazon.

420 Gingerbread Ornaments

420 Gingerbread Ornaments

Funny cannabis gingerbread ornaments made out of dark brown wood. Several design options available. Find it on Etsy.

Weed Decorations to Brighten the Holidays

If you're nostalgic about the holiday season, you should get some weed decorations to spice things up. There are many ways to turn one of the days into your own Stoner Christmas with friends. You could have a weed themed Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange and smoke some joints while indulging in Christmas themed munchies. With these cannabis decorations you can make your night into something extra!

Have a Stoner Christmas

We hope you have a Merry Stoner Christmas this season! Don't forget to check out Mongolife for all your stoner needs.

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