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Modern Maps of Westeros and Essos

Westeros Map and Essos - Game of Thrones Modern Maps

Are you ready to traverse the legendary lands of Westeros and Essos, where the saga of ice and fire unfolds?

If you're a true "Game of Thrones" aficionado, the intricate details of these realms are not just backdrops but pivotal to the epic narrative. But have you ever wondered how the strategic placement of Dragonstone influences the quest for the Iron Throne, or the exact journey the Starks must undertake from Winterfell to Castle Black? Fear not, for our modern map of Westeros and Essos will decode these mysteries for you. Embark on a cartographic adventure that brings George R.R. Martin's world to life, right down to the last holdfast.

Maps of Famous Locations and Cities in Game of Thrones

King's Landing: The Heart of Westeros Map

King's Landing, the bustling capital of the Seven Kingdoms, is more than just a city—it's the beating heart of Westeros. Surprisingly accessible from Dragonstone, this proximity is not just a convenience but a strategic asset for those with eyes on the coveted Iron Throne. Imagine the Targaryen kings of old, looking out towards the city, plotting their next move in the great game. Dragonstone itself is not just a mere island fortress; it's a treasure trove of history and lore, now more alive than ever with the highly anticipated spin-off, "House of the Dragon."

Westeros Map of Kings Landing, Dragonstone and Tarth from Game of Thrones

Exploring Braavos and Nearby Cities with details

Andalos is situated on the western coast of Essos and holds historical significance as the original homeland of the Andals before their migration to Westeros. This region is rich in history and culture, with lush landscapes that once nurtured the Andal civilization.

To the north of Andalos, you'll find Braavos, the wealthiest and perhaps most enigmatic of the Free Cities, famous for its Titan statue and its Iron Bank. If you're exploring the map further, you'll also come across other Free Cities like Lorath, known for its intricate mazes; Pentos, famous for its grand harbor; Norvos, distinguished by its religious zeal; and Qohor, renowned for its skilled blacksmiths who can reforge Valyrian steel.

Map of Braavos, Pentos, Norvos, Qohor and Andalos - Game of Thrones Modern Map

Winterfell: The Northern Star in Westeros Maps

On a offshoot from the Kingsroad, you'll find Winterfell, home the Starks, lead by Ned Stark, the Warden of the North, and the gateway to the Lands of Ice. Continue north to reach Castle Black at The Wall. Even further north you'll find the Others, also known as white walkers, cold gods and more.

To the west you'll find Bear Island, home to House Mormont (Lyanna and Ser Jorah) and Deepwood Motte, home to House Glover. To the east is The Dreadfort, the stronghold of Ramsay Bolton & Co as well as Karhold, home of the Karstarks.

Map of Winterfell, Castle Black, The Wall, Bear Island, The North, Karhold, Dreadford - Game of Thrones Modern Map

Qarth and the Rich Cities of Essos on a Game of Thrones Map

One of the great trading cities of Essos is Qarth, located in the eastern parts of the continent. Nestled between forbidding mountain ranges and the Jade Sea, Qarth is often referred to as "the Queen of Cities." It's not just a hub for merchants, but also a crossroads of culture and a melting pot of traditions.

Rich in both resources and intrigue, the city is a must-see destination for explorers in the Game of Thrones world. Its towering walls and intricate gates hold mysteries and treasures that have lured many, from Daenerys Targaryen to an array of fortune seekers.

Map of Qarth, Great Moraq, Vaes Qosar and Qarkash - Game of Thrones Essos Map

Bay of Dragons: A Place of Fire

Formerly known as Slaver's Bay, this was the area where Daenarys liberated the slaves from their masters. The most known and most powerful city is Meereen in the north, famous for its pyramids and previous base of Miss Targaryen.

A bit further south is Yunkai, whose main export are bedslaves and furthest south is Astapor, where Dany freed and acquired the Unsullied.

Map of Bay of Dragons, Slavers Bay, Mereen, Yunkai, Astapor, Elyria - Game of Thrones Map

Volantis in Essos Maps

The first of the Free Cities lies on the southern coast of Essos where the Rhoyne meets the Summer Sea. Founded by the Valyrian Freehold, this ancient city stands as a testament to the far-reaching influence of Valyria's once-mighty empire. Over time, it has developed a distinct identity, merging Valyrian roots with a myriad of local customs and practices.

Known for its bustling ports and rich tapestry of cultures, the city has become a cornerstone of trade, politics, and innovation in Essos. Its strategic location near the confluence of major waterways makes it a linchpin for regional commerce, while its storied history adds layers of complexity and fascination for any Game of Thrones fan.

Map of Volantis, Volon Therys, Valysar and Demon Road - Game of Thrones Modern Map

Iron Islands: The Maritime Masters of GoT

Home of the Greyjoys, the Iron Islands are a rugged archipelago off the western coast of Westeros. Pyke serves as both the name of the main island and the formidable castle where the Greyjoy family reigns.

Known for their seafaring skills and martial culture, these islands are a hub of naval power. To the east of the Iron Islands, you can find significant landmarks like The Twins, a crucial crossing point over the Green Fork, and Riverrun, the ancestral seat of House TullyMap of Pyke, Iron Islands, Greyjoy, Riverrun, Westerlands, The Twins - Game of Thrones Westeros Map

The Eyrie: Exploring the Heights

To get to The Eyrie and see the moon door you have to pass through the Bloody Gate. Famous home to House Arryn. Another famous spot is Harrenhal, the largest castle in Westeros.

This is for example where Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie were taken prisoners. Again here you can find The Twins, home to House Frey and the Red Wedding.

Map of The Eyrie, Riverrun, Maidenpool, Harrenhal and The Twins - Game of Thrones Map

Dorne: The Southernmost Kingdom in Game of Thrones Maps

In the southernmost part of Westeros lies Dorne, the kingdom that is home to the Dornish. On the eastern side you'll find Sunspear, home to House Martell.

In the west is Blackmont, a holdfast and home of House Blackmont. You can also spot Highgarden, home of House Tyrell and the capital of the Reach.

Map of Dorne, Sunspear, Highgarden and Storms End - Game of Thrones Modern Map

Casterly Rock: The Lannister Stronghold on the map

The ancestral stronghold of House Lannister is Casterly Rock. A major gold mine is located right under it and provides the Lannisters with their wealth. The main city of the region is Lannisport. Close by is Clegane's Keep, and you guessed it, home of House Clegane.Map of Casterly Rock, Lannisport, Riverrun, Westerlands, Fair Isle - Game of Thrones Modern Map

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Map of the Known World, Westeros and Essos - Game of Thrones Modern Map

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