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Our Favorite Stoner Halloween Costumes This Year

Our Favorite Stoner Halloween Costumes This Year

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Fall is upon us, and it's the time of year when the air gets chillier, the days get shorter, and the spirits get higher—quite literally! Halloween is the perfect occasion to express your unique style and passion, and for the enthusiasts of the herb, it's a great time to celebrate cannabis culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned toker or a casual admirer, our list of stoner Halloween costumes is a trove of inspiration. From whimsical to downright hilarious, we’ve compiled a list that includes both our exclusive designs and some fun finds on Amazon, ensuring your Halloween vibe is as chilled as your favorite strain.

Bluntman from Jay and Silent Bob

Halloween costume featuring Bluntman from the Jay and Silent Bob franchise

A fan-favorite from the iconic duo’s comic series, this officially licensed costume represents a significant part of cannabis pop culture.

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Don't Fear The Reefer T-Shirt

White design of a grim reaper smoking a joint on a dark heather gray unisex t-shirt for Halloween.

This special Halloween release blends humor, style, and the Halloween spirit. The crisp white design features a grim reaper indulging in a joint on a black tee, making a statement that's as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

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Pot Leaf Halloween Costume


Transform your upper body into a gigantic cannabis leaf with this playful costume by RastaImposta. Remember, it's a one-size-fits-most adults, so accessorize to complete your look!

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Cannabis Chef’s Hat & Apron


Cannabis chef costume with chef's hat and apron

Serve up your Halloween edibles in style with this bright green cannabis leaf print on a dark green background. It’s the must-have accessory for every cannabis culinary connoisseur this season.

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High Spirits T-Shirt

spooky stoner halloween t-shirt with a ghost coming out of a joint as smoke on a black t-shirt

Elevate your casual Halloween look with our High Spirits Embroidered T-Shirt. A whimsical ghost design emerges as smoke billows from a cannabis joint, making this embroidered tee a subtle yet charming favorite.

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Towelie - South Park Halloween Costume

Officially licensed South Park Halloween costume featuring Towelie, the stoner towel.

Show your love for South Park and the OG stoner, Towelie, with this officially licensed costume. It's a must-have for fans of the show and those who enjoy some puff puff.

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Gummy Bear Edible Costume

Man wearing a halloween costume as a bag of cannabis gummy edibles.

Embrace your love for edibles with this quirky costume, letting you become a bag of potent gummies, offering a playful and unusual twist to your Halloween attire.

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Sexy Cannabis Nurse

Woman wearing a sexy cannabis nurse outfit

Adorn the classic nurse outfit with green cannabis details this Halloween. It’s a fun, seductive take on the festive tradition of dressing up as different versions of everyday professions.

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Cannabis Leaves - Leggings

Woman wearing black and green cannabis leaf leggings

Pair your Halloween tops with our Cannabis Leaves Leggings. The black background accentuates the different sizes and shades of the green cannabis leaves, adding a stylish and comfortable touch to your Halloween ensemble.

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Bag of Weed Costume

Man wearing a bag of weed as a cannabis halloween costume

Have you ever fancied being a bag of weed for Halloween? This costume makes that dream a reality! Remember, actual weed not included.

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Prescription Bottle Costume

Man wearing a medical marijuana prescription bottle of Blue Dream weed.

This is not your average prescription bottle costume; it’s filled with the Blue Dream strain! It’s a quirky alternative or partner to the bag of weed costume.

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Cheech and Chong Costumes

Cheech and Chong accessories and outfits for stoner halloween

Pay homage to the most iconic cannabis-loving duo in history with these costumes. It’s the ideal pick for those looking for a nostalgic and iconic couples costume.

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Rastafari Kit

rasta hat with fake braids, a rasta tie dye t-shirt and colorful sunglasses and bong drum

Embody the stereotypical novelty weed-smoking reggae lover this Halloween with this kit including a tie-dye t-shirt, a Rasta hat with dreadlocks, and a pair of cool sunglasses.

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Blunt Master Costume

Man wearing a full body size costume as a weed blunt.

For the blunt enthusiasts, this full-body blunt costume is a humorous and elaborate option, perfect for those who prefer blunts over joints or spliffs.

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Halloween is the ideal time to let your creativity run wild and express your love for cannabis culture. Whether you decide to go with a humorous, stylish, or quirky costume, embracing the cannabis theme will surely make you the life of the party! Explore our Halloween collection for more inspired designs and check out our full range of 420 friendly clothing at Mongolife. And remember, whether it’s dressing up as a stoner ghost or a bag of weed, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the high vibes of the season. Keep it spooky and stay lifted!

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