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The Big Frame Guide

The Big Frame Guide

The Big Frame Guide by Mongolife

Not sure which frame to buy for your newly purchased poster? We've compiled this handy guide with our recommendations and where to get them.

How big is my poster?

All our posters are exactly the sizes specified and our most common poster sizes are 8x10", 12x18", 16x20", 18x24" and 24x36". Our sizes are pretty standard in the poster business but some frames are not always available for the size you want. We're here to help.

If you haven't bought a poster yet but are unsure of how big it actually is, just check out our poster size guide which can give you an estimate.

The Poster Size Guide by Mongolife

Poster Frames

We will be referring to the 18x24" poster as a price point but all frames we link to will have our other sizes available. Prices range between $21-50.

(Prices were collected March 2017 and are subject to change.)

Budget Wood

For a selection of good but cheap wooden frames in all colors we can  recommend Craig Frames. They have a wide variety of frames in many different colours and sizes. Most of their frames fit our posters as well.

Check out the frame pictured below here. ($26.29)

Black Wood Frame 18x24 -

Material: Wrapped wood composite
Cover: Acrylic

Thin Metal Frame

These are really cool, with a very thin coloured frame it has both a retro and modern look depending on what you put in it. Available in several colours, including black and white. However, a bit on the pricy side.

Take a look at the frames here. ($47.67)

18 x 24 Red Poster Frame - Profile: #15

Material: Aluminum
Cover: Acrylic

Premium Wood

A beautiful and more expensive frame we love is made by Frame USA from their Appalachian Series. Made by real wood in a beautiful rugged but elegant look. Available in several colours; Rustic Black, Rustic Brown, Whitewash and Grey. They also fit Mongolife posters perfectly!

Check out the frame pictured below here. ($50.27)

Rustic Black Wood Frame - 18x24"

Material: Wood
Cover: Polystyrene

Thin Plastic Frame

If you're looking for a classical black thin poster frame you should check out this poster frame made by Frame USA as well. ($26.39)

Material: Mylar plastic
Cover: Polystyrene

Slide In Frame

This is a pretty cool frame to have if you like changing your posters a lot. It has a slide in picture holder so you can change posters with ease. Available in both black and silver. 

Check it out here. ($21.45)

Slide In Frame, 18'' X 24'' Poster Size, 0.93" Silver Color Profile

Material: Aluminum
Cover: Polystyrene

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