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The Ultimate Stoner Nickname Guide:
From Potheads to Tokers


Ah, the world of cannabis and its enthusiasts! For generations, those who indulge in the art of toking have been graced with myriad nicknames. From the high and mighty 'Cannabisseur' to the chucklesome 'Weedasaurus Rex', there's a pseudonym for every type of toker.

Whether you're a rookie roller or a seasoned space cowboy, this guide is your ticket to find that perfect nickname, or maybe even a few, to showcase your affinity for the herb. Dive in and discover the kaleidoscope of monikers that the cannabis community has to offer.

What is a Stoner?

A stoner is typically someone who frequently consumes cannabis, especially for recreational purposes. They might appreciate the calming, euphoric, or creative sensations that come with cannabis consumption.

What is a Toker?

A toker is a person who "takes a toke" or a puff of marijuana. The term is often used in a casual sense, indicating someone who might not consume daily but enjoys cannabis from time to time.

What is a Pothead?

A pothead is a colloquial term, similar to "stoner", and refers to someone who frequently indulges in cannabis. The term often implies a habitual or daily consumption of the herb.

50+ Nicknames for Cannabis Smokers

Here's a list of some common and uncommon names for people who enjoy cannabis.

Don't forget to check out our full cannabis slang dictionary here.

Classy Stoner Nicknames

  1. Cannabisseur: A refined admirer of various cannabis strains.
  2. Herbalist: Celebrating their love for the green herb.
  3. Chiefer: The leader in the reefer session.
  4. Space Cowboy: Riding the high frontier like a seasoned cowboy.
  5. High Flyer: Sky-high, not just academically!
  6. Rasta Man: Embracing the Rastafarian way.
  7. Ganjapreneur: Balancing academic life and a ganja business.
  8. Space Cadet: An eager newcomer to the cannabis galaxy.
  9. Caramelized Ginger: For the elegant red-haired aficionado.
  10. Ganja Planter: An affectionate name for growers.

Method-Based Stoner Nicknames

  1. Smoker: Straight to the point.
  2. Blower: Creating clouds with every exhale.
  3. Roller: The artisan of joint creation.
  4. Zooie: Keeper of the precious joint.
  5. Puffer: Light and breezy with their hits.
  6. Blaster: Always going full throttle.
  7. Bong Buddy: Best friends with their beloved bong.
Artistic photo of a man handing the viewer a cannabis roach or joint

Classic Stoner Nicknames

  1. Mary Jane: A classic love story.
  2. Weedhead: Passionate about their pastime.
  3. Doper: A nod to the alternate name for cannabis.
  4. Hippie: Embracing peace, love, and a bit of ganja.
  5. Red Eye: Pulling all-nighters with cannabis by their side.
  6. Potthead: A delightful throwback.
  7. Bush Doctor: Healer through herb.

Funny Stoner Nicknames

  1. Ganja Glutton: Ever eager for the next hit.
  2. Weed Mower: Plowing through their stash.
  3. Lettucehead: After a particularly potent puff.
  4. Bong Breath: They wear their passion on their breath.
  5. Asparagus: For the health-conscious herbivore.
  6. Roacher: Never wasting even the last bit.
Stoner girl standing in a field of cannabis plants

Stoner Names for Girls

  1. Marley: Embracing the legacy.
  2. Cedella: Channeling Marley's lineage.
  3. Janis: A tribute to the 70s sensation, Janis Joplin.
  4. Gaia: Guardian of all greenery, including cannabis.
  5. Tommy’s Girl: A true partner in cannabis passion.

Stoner Nicknames for Guys

  1. Bob: Ode to the legend, Bob Marley.
  2. Bud: Celebrating the prime part of the plant.
  3. Blaze: A fiery passion for cannabis.
  4. Ace: Leading the pack.
  5. Jerry: Nod to Jerry Garcia's iconic status.

Famous Stoner Nicknames

  1. Barack: Even leaders have their vices.
  2. Bob Marley: The undeniable king.
  3. Snoop Dog: A cannabis ambassador.
  4. Shakespeare: The Bard might've penned his sonnets with a puff.

Old-School Movie Stoner Nicknames

  1. Cheech and Chong: The legendary duo from 'Up In Smoke.'
  2. The Dude: Iconic character from ‘The Big Lebowski.’
  3. Smokey: Chris Tucker's unforgettable role in ‘Friday.’
Montage of Barack Obama wearing sunglasses and smoking a big cannabis joint

Foreign Stoner Nicknames

  1. Sprangas: Trinidad's choice.
  2. Hierbero: For the Spanish-speaking aficionados.
  3. Kaya: African roots of cannabis love.

Animal-Inspired Nicknames for Potheads

  1. Weedasaurus Rex: A mighty herbivore.
  2. Bong Rat: Always close to the bong.
  3. Sloth: Taking it slow and easy.
Now, whether you're a Cannabisseur or just an occasional Puffer, there's a nickname out there that captures your unique relationship with cannabis. After all, cannabis culture is rich, diverse, and full of creativity!

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