• New Print: Kanye West - Vote?

    New Print: Kanye West - Vote?

    Inspired by the current presidential campaign, in addition to Kanye's plans to run for president 2020, we decided to copy the famous poster style used by Obama in his 2008 campaign. The poster was entirely made with Adobe Illustrator and...

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  • February Sweepstake: T-Shirt of your choice

    February Sweepstake: T-Shirt of your choice

    Today we're launching our first sweepstake/contest of many. We'll be starting off with a sweepstake where you can win a T-shirt of your choice from our website. The only thing you have to do is like this picture on Facebook and then...

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  • Custom Requests

    Custom Requests

    Great! We'd love to hear about it, and hopefully we can make that product a reality. We get a lot of e-mails asking us to either create a new product or tweak an existing one. We're always open to new...

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  • The first blog post

    The first blog post

    Welcome, and thanks for reading our first ever blog post! We are MongoLife, a web shop focusing on selling products related to your favorite movies, TV-shows, actors/actresses and anything else you could think of related to pop culture. Our products range...

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