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10 Best 420 Day Gifts for Cannabis Lovers

10 Best 420 Day Gifts for Cannabis Lovers

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In celebration of 420 Day, the most cherished holiday in cannabis culture, we're rolling out our top picks for the ultimate cannabis-themed gifts. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned aficionado, a casual enthusiast, or a newcomer to the scene, our carefully curated selection promises to elevate their 420 celebrations to new heights.

From the latest in smoking technology to whimsical weed wearables, we've got something to light up the smile of every cannabis lover out there. So, let's spark up the excitement and dive into the 10 best cannabis gifts for 420 Day that are sure to be a hit, making this year's celebration unforgettable.

The ultimate 420 Day gift list

1. Personal smoking kit

Put together a small kit of everything a weed smoker might need. This can also be personalized depending on the recipients favorite smoking paraphernalia (e.g. bong, joint or vape). Some sure fire things to include in a kit could be rolling papers, a grinder, ashtray, bong bowls, etc.

Cannabis paraphernalia, joints, rolling papers, brownies and more on a table

2. Actual weed

You can never go wrong with gifting some actual cannabis flower to your stoner friends. As long as it is legal in your state or country. If you’re not sure what to get, you can always ask an experienced budtender at your local dispensary.

3. Gift voucher

Too unsure on what to get the pothead in your life? A gift voucher let’s them put together their own smoking equipment, as well as personal preference. There are many cannabis dispensaries, weed brands and shops that offer this easy gift if you go looking.

Don’t miss our own Mongolife gift cards that make a perfect gift for the pothead in your life.

4. Gummies

Even if the gift recipient prefers smoking over edibles, gummies are always a welcome gift for those occasions when you can’t smoke. It also comes with the bonus of being a much healthier alternative to smoking.

Perfect for enjoying at social events, cinemas, plane rides, and especially on 420 day.

5. Weed t-shirts or hoodies


Smoke Weed Everyday Hoodie - Edgy Skull & Joint Design

Nothing lightens the mood like a funny t-shirt or a comfy stoner hoodie. Be sure to check out Mongolife’s collection of cannabis clothing here that mixes humor with advocacy. Perfect for every cannabis event or the yearly 420 day.

6. Scents

It doesn’t always matter if you are living somewhere where cannabis is legal or not, sometimes you want to mask the pungent but delicious smell of cannabis. Scented candles are a sure thing, as is incense (although not as discreet). Our choice is the Cannabolish candle with a wintergreen scent.

Cannabolish odor removing candle

Cannabolish Odor Removing Candle is available on Amazon.

There’s also many other products and methods for removing cannabis odors, which you can read more about here.

7. Cannabis cookbooks

This is one of our favorite gifts, as they are useful and funny, while also being great coffee table books in a stoner’s home.

Some of our tips in this category are Snoop Dogg’s “From Crook to Cook” and “Bong Appétit” from MUNCHIES.

8. Grinder for life

Yes, I already mentioned grinders in the smoking kit above, however, these are next level. Discover grinders that will last you a lifetime, made from high quality metals that will never wear down. Check out our complete list of grinders for life here.

9. Cannabis seeds

This is another classic choice for the potheads with a green thumb. Get them some high quality feminized seeds of their favorite strain, or a beginner mix pack so that they can discover growing different strains themselves.

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10. Cooking equipment

If your recipient is into making their own edibles, or wants to start, there is a plethora of cannabis cooking equipment to check out. One of our favorites is the ECRU 2-in-1 Decarboxylator which makes it a breeze to decarb your weed.

Further inspiration

If you're still on the hunt for that perfect gift or just eager for more inspired ideas, we've got you covered. Dive into our other meticulously crafted gift-giving guides for every occasion:

These guides are designed to make your gift shopping as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, with options that cater to every budget and style. So whether you're looking for something whimsical, practical, or downright luxurious, Mongolife has the inspiration you need to make your gift-giving memorable and meaningful. Happy 420 Day, and here's to finding the perfect gifts for your favorite cannabis connoisseurs!


As we wrap up our guide to the 10 best cannabis gifts for 420 Day, we hope you've found the perfect present to surprise and delight the cannabis enthusiast in your life. Remember, the best gifts come from understanding the recipient's unique preferences and interests, ensuring that your choice brings them joy and enhances their 420 celebrations.

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