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11 Stunning Black & White Posters for Interior Design

11 Stunning Black & White Posters for Interior Design

Decorating with black and white can transform a room and make it look more sophisticated, but it doesn't just have to be for a clean elegant look. Black and white posters can also be funny and witty so there is definitely something for everyone.

Give your eyes a focal point

A well known quote in decorating is "every room can use a touch of black" and that holds true. Black is grounding and gives your eye something to focus on. You can create this effect by using black and white accessories, furniture, light fixtures and more, but the fastest and easiest ways is decorating your walls with art prints which we will focus on here.

Accents any color

The beauty of using black and white posters or art prints is that they work in pretty much every room and is a nice accent to any color (yes, any). The prints you choose to hang can depend on what kind of room you're decorating and your personal taste. Maybe you're into a funny or motivational quote on your wall, or just a black and white photograph, it will have the same effect in your room of choice. Just be sure to select a great and suitable frame for your new print.

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We've curated a selection of our 11 favorite black and white art prints in different categories that can help inspire you and your next interior design choice.

Palm Trees

Give your room a tropical vibe without going overboard with this beautiful and minimalist poster.

All Good Things Take Time

If you need some extra motivation in your day-to-day, a simple and clean typographic poster is what you should be looking for.

Platform 9 3/4

 A funny and minimalist piece of fan art that will draw the eye of any Pott-head.

Three Pineapples

Who doesn't love pineapples. This contrasting piece highlights the beautiful and intricate details of this delicious fruit.

Namastay in bed

Love sleeping in? A great typographic poster for the person who just can't get out of bed.

Deer Head

A beautiful piece that will lift any room. Perfect for the animal lover who doesn't need a real deer head on their wall. In addition it is so much sleeker.

Let's Get Lost

The perfect art print for anyone with a sense of adventure or wanderlust who won't see getting lost as a bad thing, but rather a new opportunity at exploring.

London Eye

Create an elegant look with one of London's most iconic landmarks, The London Eye in a beatiful black and white gradient.

Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter Poster on dresser

Another motivational poster with focus on beautiful typography with a math twist.


A beautiful heart made from polygons.

Life is not a fairytale

Motivational posters not your thing? This is a fun take on your Cinderella story!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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