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DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer Review

DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer Review

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As a seasoned vape enthusiast and a writer for Mongolife, I've had my fair share of experiences with vaporizers, but the DAVINCI IQ2 has truly piqued my interest. The IQ2 isn't just a vaporizer; it's an experience for those who appreciate the art of vaping. Here's my deep dive into what makes the IQ2 a noteworthy device for both beginners and connoisseurs.


The DAVINCI IQ2 is more than just a portable vaporizer; it's a testament to innovation and quality. It's designed for those who want the best of both worlds: dry herb and extract vaping. The device's precision temperature control and adjustable airflow system stand out, allowing users to customize their vaping experience to the last detail.

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What's in the Box?

Upon unboxing, the IQ2 presents a generous set of accessories, including a 10mm Bubbler Adapter, a 0.2g Dosage Pod, organic cottons, a Ceramic Extract Tab, and more. It's like receiving a treasure chest filled with everything needed to start a premium vaping journey.

Design and Build

Davinci IQ2 Closeup Brushed Metal

The brushed aluminum exterior gives the IQ2 a sleek, modern look, while the compact size (1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches) makes it the perfect travel companion. At 5.6 oz, it feels substantial yet portable. The glass-lined oven and zirconia ceramic air path ensure that every draw is smooth with a clean plastic-free taste.

Performance and Usage

The IQ2's performance is where it truly shines. The heat-up time is less than a minute, which is impressive for a device offering such intricate temperature control. The adjustable airflow, with five levels, allows me to fine-tune the vapor density and coolness, a feature I found invaluable during long sessions.

Using the device has been a breeze, easy to learn and control over my sessions.

Personal Experience

I've been using the IQ2 for over three years now, and it's become my go-to device for both dry herbs and extracts (I've even used it with moonrocks). The dosing capsules are a game-changer, keeping the device clean and making refills a breeze. Get a smell proof storage container for discreet on the go vaping.

Mouth tip of the DaVinci IQ2

The vapor quality is unparalleled. I've rediscovered strains that I'd previously set aside, as the vaporizer can bring out subtle flavors I hadn't noticed before. The precise dosing and temperature control mean I'm always in charge of my experience, a crucial factor for medicinal users.

Maintenance and Extra Tips

While cleaning can be a bit tricky, regular use of the included alcohol wipes and a good stock of isopropyl alcohol keeps it manageable. I've found that using the dosage pods not only makes for an easier clean-up but also extends the time between cleanings.

For the best experience, don't overpack the oven, and stick to a fine to medium grind. This ensures even heating and efficient vaporization. Keeping the device clean is crucial for performance, so make a habit of using those alcohol wipes after sessions.

If you're a heavy user, consider investing in extra batteries. The 18650 battery offers about an hour of use, but having spares means you're never caught off guard. Remember, the device takes about 6 hours to charge, so plan accordingly.

Battery Life

The 18650 battery is a welcome design choice compared to other vapes. I prefer being able to change batteries as I go instead of charging. Each battery also offers about an hour of use per charge. I recommend getting extra 18650 batteries and an external charger. Using the IQ2 charging/USB port may take up to 6 hours otherwise.

Check out this battery pack and charger on Amazon.

Extra 18650 batteries and charger

Final Thoughts

The DAVINCI IQ2 isn't just a vaporizer; it's a comprehensive tool for those serious about their vaping. Its precision, versatility, and quality set it apart in a crowded market. While the price point might be a consideration for some, the performance and craftsmanship justify the investment. Whether you're a medicinal user seeking precise dosing or a recreational enthusiast craving quality, the IQ2 meets the mark. With the right care and usage, it's an investment that pays off in every puff.

Buy the IQ2 from the official DaVinci webshop here →


Is DaVinci IQ2 worth it?

If you're in the market for a high-quality, portable vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ2 is certainly worth considering. It stands out with its precision temperature control, adjustable airflow, and dual-use capability for both dry herbs and extracts. The build quality, vapor production, and innovative features make it a top choice for both casual users and serious enthusiasts.

Does DaVinci IQ2 smell?

Like any vaporizer, the IQ2 does emit an odor, but it's significantly less pungent and more pleasant than traditional combustion methods. The smell is typically a more subtle, aromatic version of the herb's natural scent. To minimize odor, avoid high temperatures and ensure regular cleaning.

Find out more way on how to minimize weed smell here.

What is the best grind for the DaVinci IQ2?

For optimal performance with the IQ2, a fine to medium grind is recommended. A finer grind works best for sticky herbs, enhancing surface area and heat distribution, while a slightly coarser grind is suitable for dryer materials. Consistency in grind ensures efficient vaporization and a satisfying experience.

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How do I clean the DaVinci IQ2?

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining the IQ2's performance. Disassemble the mouthpiece and air path components and soak them in isopropyl alcohol. Use the included alcohol wipes to clean the oven and other surfaces. For stubborn residues, a cotton swab dipped in alcohol can be effective. Ensure all parts are completely dry before reassembling.

Can I use extracts with the DaVinci IQ2?

Yes, the IQ2 is designed for dual use, meaning it's compatible with both dry herbs and extracts. It includes a Ceramic Extract Tab that allows for efficient vaporization of concentrates. For best results, use the dosage pod provided to contain the extracts and ensure a clean and controlled session.

What's the battery life like on the DaVinci IQ2?

The IQ2 is powered by a removable 18650 battery, providing roughly an hour of continuous use on a single charge. Battery life can vary based on temperature settings and usage patterns. For extended sessions, it's advisable to have spare batteries or use an external charger.

How does the adjustable airflow work on the IQ2?

The IQ2 features an innovative adjustable airflow system with five different levels. By adjusting the air dial, you can control the draw resistance and vapor coolness to suit your preference. Lower airflow settings provide denser vapor, while higher settings offer cooler, smoother hits.

Does the DaVinci IQ2 come with a warranty?

Yes, the IQ2 comes with a 10-year warranty, highlighting DaVinci's confidence in their product's durability and performance. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures that you can invest in the IQ2 with peace of mind.

How discreet is the DaVinci IQ2 for on-the-go use?

The IQ2's compact size (1.75 x 3.61 x 0.97 inches) and sleek design make it highly discreet and portable. It's easy to carry in a pocket or bag, and its odor is less noticeable than traditional methods, making it a good choice for users seeking discretion.

Does the DaVinci IQ2 take vape cartridges?

No, the IQ2 is only usable with dry herb or extracts. If you are looking for a vaporizer for vape cartridges with 510 thread, you should look at DaVinci's Artiq model. We wrote a review for it here.

Buy the IQ2 from the official DaVinci webshop here →

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