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6 Best Weed Cooking Books

6 Best Weed Cooking Books

Exploring the World of Cannabis-Infused Cooking: A Guide to the Best Weed Cooking Books

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Welcome to our culinary exploration where we delve into the fascinating world of cannabis-infused cooking. Whether you're a seasoned chef in the realm of edibles or a curious newcomer eager to experiment with herb-infused recipes, our guide to the best weed cooking books is your ticket to an elevated culinary experience.

These handpicked cookbooks not only offer a diverse range of recipes, from savory meals to sweet treats, but also serve as educational resources, guiding you through the nuances of cooking with cannabis.

Mongolife's blog may earn a commission from purchases through our links, at no additional cost to you. We only endorse products we trust.

A Sneak Peek into the Best Cannabis Cooking Books

In this guide, we'll explore a range of exceptional cookbooks, each catering to various aspects of cannabis-infused cooking. From Bong Appétit, which elevates weed-infused cooking to gourmet levels, to The Art of Weed Butter, a must-read for mastering cannabis butter, each book offers unique recipes and insights. Notably, From Crook to Cook and Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon by Snoop Dogg, while not exclusively cannabis-focused, are favorites among stoners for their blend of classic recipes and Snoop's iconic flair. Stay tuned for our complete list and dive deeper into the art of cannabis cuisine!

From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen

Elevate Your Kitchen with a Touch of Rap Royalty: "From Crook to Cook" isn't just another weed cooking book; it's a journey through the culinary expertise of none other than the rap legend himself, Snoop Dogg.  With over a million copies sold, this book isn't merely a collection of recipes—it's a cultural phenomenon. From the nostalgia of mac and cheese to innovative cannabis-infused delights, Snoop offers a sumptuous array of dishes that blend his unique flair with the art of cooking with cannabis. As one reviewer put it, it's "unpretentious American classics with a Snoop twist," making it an essential addition to any cannabis cooking book collection. Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting in the world of cannabis edibles, this book provides both the basics and the bling to spice up your kitchen repertoire.

Cover of 'From Crook to Cook' by Snoop Dogg featuring the rapper in a kitchen setting, symbolizing the fusion of hip-hop culture and culinary arts.

Snoop Dogg brings his signature style to the kitchen - a must-have for foodies and fans alike.

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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

A Culinary Cannabis Revolution: "Bong Appétit" takes weed cooking books to a new level, transforming the stereotype of munchies into a fine dining experience. Based on the popular Munchies and Viceland television series, this book is a treasure trove for those looking to master the art of cooking with cannabis. Lauded as one of the best cookbooks of 2018 by Esquire, it offers a sophisticated approach to cannabis cuisine, from appetizers to main dishes. Whether you're a fan of the TV show or a culinary enthusiast curious about cannabis-infused cooking, "Bong Appétit" offers a unique blend of recipes and techniques that elevate the experience of cooking with weed, making it a standout in the realm of cannabis cooking books.

Cover of 'Bong Appétit' showcasing a sophisticated table setting with cannabis elements, reflecting the book's gourmet approach to cannabis cuisine.

Elevate your culinary skills with sophisticated cannabis-infused recipes from a renowned TV series.

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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

Sophisticated Cannabis Cuisine in Bite-Sized Delights: "Edibles" redefines the landscape of cannabis cooking books, offering a modern, chic take on cannabis-infused small bites. This tantalizing collection caters to contemporary tastes, presenting 30 beautifully photographed recipes that are perfect for today's gourmet cannabis enthusiasts. Recognized for bringing a sophisticated touch to cannabis edibles, this book is an essential guide for anyone looking to craft elegant, bite-sized treats that blend the world of fine cuisine with the benefits of cannabis. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply indulging in a personal culinary adventure, "Edibles" is a must-have for modern cannabis kitchens.

Cover image of 'Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen' featuring elegant cannabis-infused dishes, representing modern and sophisticated cannabis cooking.
Discover elegant, bite-sized cannabis treats that blend fine cuisine with culinary cannabis.
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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon

Snoop Dogg's Encore in the Kitchen: In "Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon," the rap icon returns with a follow-up to his culinary debut, bringing more of his unique style to the world of cannabis cooking. This book not only offers an array of unpretentious American classics but infuses them with Snoop's distinctive charm and flair. Longtime fans of Snoop Dogg will find this book an enjoyable blend of his personality and cooking creativity, making it an essential addition for anyone looking to expand their collection of cannabis cooking books with a touch of celebrity sparkle.

Cover of 'Snoop Dogg Presents Goon with the Spoon' featuring Snoop Dogg's iconic style, blending rap culture with culinary delights.
Snoop returns with more culinary adventures - a fusion of classic dishes and rap royalty.
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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

A Classic in Cannabis Culinary Arts: The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook stands as a pillar in the cannabis cooking book genre. Crafted by the editors of High Times Magazine, a trailblazer in cannabis culture, this book is a collection of over 50 recipes that are as delightful as they are diverse. Inspired by cannabis luminaries like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Cheech and Chong, the recipes in this book range from classic brownies to more sophisticated dishes, offering something for every palate. It's a must-have for anyone looking to explore the rich and varied world of cannabis-infused cooking.

Explore over 50 irresistible cannabis recipes inspired by cannabis culture icons.
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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

The Art of Weed Butter: Become a Cannabutter Master

Mastering the Foundation of Cannabis Cooking: "The Art of Weed Butter" is a pivotal resource for anyone aspiring to master cannabis cooking. This book goes beyond mere recipes; it's a comprehensive guide to creating the perfect cannabutter, an essential ingredient in many cannabis-infused dishes. With a blend of personal memoir and practical advice, it educates and inspires both novices and seasoned cooks. If you're keen to understand the nuances of infusing cannabis into your cooking, starting with the art of weed butter, this book is an invaluable addition to your culinary library.

Cover of 'The Art of Weed Butter' showing a cannabis leaf and butter, indicative of the book's focus on crafting the essential ingredient of cannabutter for cannabis cooking.
Your ultimate guide to mastering cannabutter - the foundation of cannabis cooking.
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Available as print and e-book/Kindle

Our Top Picks

As we wrap up our journey through the best cannabis cooking books, it's clear that Snoop's From Crook to Cook and Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen have emerged as our favorites. Their unique blend of style, substance, and culinary cannabis expertise make them standouts in this deliciously diverse collection.

Beyond the books: Embrace the Cannabis Lifestyle

For those looking to extend their cannabis lifestyle beyond the kitchen, don't miss our collection of weed tees for some stylish options. And if you're in need of snack ideas, check out our list of 13 Healthy Munchies and Snacks That Stoners Love. Lastly, for the gardeners among us, our comparison of 22 Seed Banks with US Shipping is a must-read. Happy cooking and exploring!

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