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15 of our Best Stoner Life Hacks

Clever tips and tricks for new and seasoned weed lovers


Welcome to the exciting world of cannabis! No matter if you're a seasoned stoner or a budding beginner, there are always new ways to improve and enhance your experience.

In this collection of top tips, we're unveiling 15 of the best weed life hacks, packed full of clever strategies and innovative solutions to common cannabis-related dilemmas. Whether it's about intensifying your high, combating the dreaded cottonmouth, or creating a homemade air freshener, these handy pointers will take your smoking sessions to the next level. So, buckle up and prepare to step up your game in the cannabis world.

Mango Magic: Intensifying Your High

Enjoying a ripe mango approximately 45 minutes before your smoke session can enhance the psychoactive effects of cannabis. How? A terpene known as myrcene, found in mangoes, interacts with THC, boosting its impact on the CB1 receptor. Ideal for when you're running low on weed or practicing self-control, it's a delicious way to maximize your cannabis consumption.

a cannabis joint together with mango

Creative Grinds: Makeshift Weed Grinders

If you've misplaced your grinder, a penny and a pill bottle can save the day. Clean the penny with rubbing alcohol, add your bud into the pill bottle, and shake vigorously. If a pill bottle isn't available, scissors and a shot glass work wonders too.

Womans hand holding an orange pill bottle being used as a makeshift weed grinder by shaking it with a coin inside

Stoner Salvation: Honey Glue

Turn to nature's sweetener, honey, to secure your rolling papers or blunt wraps. Not only does honey seal the deal, but it also slows down the burn rate, prolonging your smoke session. Just remember to moisten the paper without soaking it completely.

Stoner SOS: Salvaging Spilled Weed

Should you accidentally spill your greens, don't despair! Use a clean sock or pantyhose over your vacuum hose to recoup your bud without it disappearing into the vacuum bag. When you've finished, place a plate under the vacuum hose and switch it off. Your green gold will tumble into your chosen receptacle.

Cloth over vacuum hose to get spilled weed crumbs

When Less is More

Contrary to the common stoner tendency to take big rips, occasionally opt for smaller pinches. This trick allows you to have more control over your smoke and conserves your weed.

The Ultimate Bong Cleaner: Isopropyl Alcohol and Coarse Salt

For a sparkling clean bong, opt for isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. This combination is potent against stains and residue. Remember, the purer the isopropyl alcohol, the more effective the cleaning. For smaller parts, put them in a zip-loc bag to avoid wasting too much.

A gallon jug of isopropyl alcohol and a bag of coarse salt, makes a great bong and pipe cleaner.

DIY Hydration Packs: Using Orange Peels

LifeExtend the shelf life and freshness of your weed without spending on commercial hydration packs. Store your cannabis in a container with a few orange peels to rehydrate or maintain its moisture. It's an easy and cost-effective cannabis life hack.

orange peel in a jar of cannabis for rehydration

Going Incognito: Discreet Smoking with Dryer Sheets

Living in close quarters can make it difficult to enjoy your weed without causing a stink. Avoid upset roommates or neighbors by using dryer sheets to mask the smell. Simply stuff the sheets through a bottle or toilet paper roll and exhale your smoke through it for a surprisingly effective filter. See more ideas on masking weed smell.

pack of dryer sheets and an empty paper roll to

Smoke and Mirrors: The Power of Matches

Mask the scent of marijuana by lighting a few matches after your session. While it'll leave a strong smell of matches, it's a lesser evil if you're trying to keep your cannabis consumption on the down-low.

lighting a match to mask weed odor

Say Goodbye to Cottonmouth

To combat that pesky post-smoke dry mouth, consider a tasty lollipop or lozenge. These treats stimulate your salivary glands, helping to alleviate the discomfort of cottonmouth. You can also find gums and sprays explicitly designed to remedy dry mouth.

You can also check out Johns Hopkins article on other tastythings that cure cottonmouth.

Woman sucking on lollipop to cure drymouth after smoking marijuana

The Frozen Grinder Trick

When you're out of weed and in desperate need of a toke, turn to your grinder. Pop it in the freezer for five minutes, then disassemble and tap the parts over a sheet of paper. Any residual kief will fall out, providing you with enough material for a hit or two.

Weed grinder that has been frozen to extract residual kief

Sunglasses: Your Secret Weapon

To protect against the red-eye effect caused by marijuana's dilation of blood vessels, always keep a pair of sunglasses handy. These allow you to relax into your high without worrying about visibly red eyes, particularly helpful for daytime smoking.

Man hiding his red eyes on the beach by wearing sunglasses

Breathe Easy with DIY Air Freshener

Skip the pricey store-bought air fresheners and DIY your own. Mix 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oils into 2 oz. of isopropyl alcohol, shake, then add 2-4 oz. of water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it to mask the scent of weed. Bergamot, eucalyptus, and lemon create a refreshing scent, while sandalwood and vanilla are a hit with the guys.

small clear spray bottle

Emergency Stoner Kit: Lip Balm and a Back-Up Stash

Keeping lip balm with your weed paraphernalia helps combat the dryness that comes with smoking. Additionally, stash away some weed in safe spots around your living space for those unexpected dry spells.

Hand holding lip balm to avoid dry lips from smoking weed

DIY Bongs and Pipes

Out of rolling paper? On the go? Create your own bongs and pipes using items like apples, plastic bottles, and aluminum foil. One simple solution is a soda can pipe, created by making a dent and several small holes in the can.

With these cannabis life hacks up your sleeve, you're well-equipped to enhance your marijuana experience and navigate any obstacles that may come your way. Enjoy, my fellow stoners, and smoke smartly!

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