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Our Favorite Beaker Bongs in 2024

Our Favorite Beaker Bongs in 2024

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Explore the finest selection of beaker bongs that have caught our attention this year. Each piece is not just a tool for smoking; it's a statement of style, functionality, and personal preference. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the cannabis culture, finding the right beaker bong can elevate your smoking experience significantly. Here's our guide to the best beaker bongs of 2024, each with its unique appeal and features.

Coolest Colorful Beaker Bong

The Orchid - 13" Colorful Floral Design Glow In The Dark Beaker Bong by Atomic Glass

colorful and vibrant beaker bong


The Orchid stands out with its vibrant floral patterns and glow-in-the-dark features. It's a piece that combines artistry with functionality, sporting a 13-inch tall beaker base equipped with triple ice notches for chilled hits.


  • Floral Glow: The body showcases a colorful, glow-in-the-dark floral design.
  • Cooling Capability: Triple ice notches enhance the smoothness of each hit.
  • High-Quality Glass: Ensures durability and a clean taste.
  • Accessory Rich: Comes with a downstem and a 14mm bowl for immediate use.

More about The Orchid Beaker Bong (Smokeday)

Most Unique Beaker Bong

Baby Smoker's Tornado - 12" Chameleon Thick Heavy Beaker Base Bong

tornado beaker bong


Baby Smoker's Tornado is for those who love a visually dynamic smoking experience. This bong features a spiral helix and a turbine design under the base, making it a standout piece.


  • Spiral Helix Design: Enhances the visual appeal and the smoking experience.
  • Turbine Feature: Creates a mesmerizing smoke flow.
  • Ice Notches: Allows for cooler, smoother hits.
  • Robust Build: Made from thick, high-quality glass.

More about Baby Smoker's Tornado Bong (Smokeday)

Best Minimalist Beaker Bong

The Clarity - 12" Beaker Base Bong

Favorite minimalist beaker bong


The Clarity offers a minimalist design with a focus on high functionality. It stands at 11.5 inches and features a straightforward beaker base, making it ideal for those who appreciate simplicity.


  • Minimalist Design: Focuses on functionality without unnecessary embellishments.
  • Triple Ice Notches: Allows for the addition of ice for cooling the smoke.
  • Compact Size: Easy to handle and store.
  • Quality Materials: Made from high-quality glass to ensure durability and a pure taste.

More about The Clarity Beaker Bong (Smokeday)

Top Retro Pick

The Nostalgia - Colorful Lava Lamp Bong

retro beaker bong


The Nostalgia brings back the vibrant essence of the 70s with its lava lamp-inspired design. It offers a perfect blend of retro aesthetics with modern smoking efficiency. Featuring a 14mm male bowl and a choice between amber and pink glass, this bong is as functional as it is visually appealing.


  • Retro Design: Mimics the classic lava lamp, adding a nostalgic flair to your session.
  • Smooth Hits: The beaker base design ensures comfortable, smooth pulls.
  • Fumed Glass Art: Adds an extra layer of sophistication with its unique color-changing effects under different lighting.
  • Color Choices: Available in amber and pink, allowing customization to your personal style.

More about The Nostalgia - Colorful Lava Lamp Bong (Smokeday)

Vibrant and Compact Mini Beaker

10" Iridescent Color Change Beaker Bong - Rainbow Hue

Mini Beaker bong


The 10" Iridescent Color Change Beaker Bong boasts a spectrum of colors that change under different lighting, making each session visually spectacular. Its compact size does not compromise on functionality, featuring an 18MM diffused downstem and an ice catcher for cooling.


  • Color-Changing Glass: Provides a unique aesthetic appeal.
  • Enhanced Filtration: The beaker shape allows more water, enhancing filtration.
  • Ice Catcher: For extra cool and smooth hits.
  • Stable and Durable: A wide base and high-quality borosilicate glass ensure stability and durability.

More about the Iridescent Color Change Beaker Bong

Favorite Percolation Beaker

14" Iridescent Beaker Tree Perc Bong - Shiny Rainbow

Best beaker bong with percolator


The 14" Iridescent Beaker Tree Perc Bong integrates excellent percolation with stunning aesthetics. It features a tree perc, a beaker base for stability, and sandblasted designs that enhance its visual appeal.


  • Tree Percolator: Provides superior smoke filtration for smoother hits.
  • Iridescent Glass: Changes color in different lights, adding to its allure.
  • Ice Notches: Three levels for ice, allowing for extra-cooled hits.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from thick glass to withstand regular use.

More about the Iridescent Beaker Tree Perc Bong (Smokeday)

Beaker Bong for Fruit Lovers

10" Double Cherry Beaker Bong

Cherry design beaker bong


Perfect for those who adore playful designs, the 10" Double Cherry Beaker Bong features durable pink borosilicate glass decorated with cherry decals. It’s a fun, functional addition to any collection.


  • Cherry Decals: Adds a sweet, youthful vibe to your smoking gear.
  • Ice Catcher: Ensures each hit is cool and refreshing.
  • Stable Base: Provides secure placement and prevents tipping.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and care for, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals.

More about the Double Cherry Beaker Bong (Smokeday)

Thick Glass Beaker Bongs

For those prioritizing durability and longevity in their smoking accessories, thick glass beaker bongs are the way to go. These bongs are crafted from heavy-duty borosilicate glass, which is renowned for its resistance to thermal shock and its robustness. This means they can handle the occasional knock much better than their thinner counterparts.

The added thickness of the glass not only enhances the bong's sturdiness but also contributes to a smoother, more stable smoking experience. Whether you’re looking for a piece that stands up to frequent use or just seeking that extra bit of peace of mind, investing in a thick glass beaker bong ensures both durability and quality, session after session.

Whether you're in for the aesthetics, the smooth hits, or both, these beaker bongs are sure to enhance your smoking sessions, making every puff a memorable one.

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