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Review: Stündenglass Gravity Bong - Worth it?

Review: Stündenglass Gravity Bong - Worth it?

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The Stündenglass Gravity Bong, a product of Grenco Science, is a revolutionary device in the cannabis world, combining ingenuity, functionality, and style. It's not just a bong but a multi-functional device that can be used for smoking dry herbs, concentrates, and even infusing food and drinks with smoke. This device has gained popularity, partly due to endorsements from celebrities like Seth Rogan and Wiz Khalifa.

Design and Build

The Stündenglass is a marvel of design, featuring two borosilicate glass globes set in a rotating hourglass-like structure made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. Its 360-degree rotation mechanism not only creates an eye-catching spectacle but also efficiently displaces water with smoke, resulting in dense, potent hits.

Product image of the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser from GrenCo

The device is sturdy, easy to use, and less risky compared to traditional gravity bongs, eliminating the anxiety of ruining your weed by getting it wet.

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Versatility and Use

One of the most impressive aspects of the Stündenglass is its versatility. It can be used with a hookah bowl, a hose, and a charcoal tray, making it suitable for a variety of smoking experiences.

The device can also be attached to a dab rig, either an e-nail or a regular banger, adding to its multifunctionality. It's even possible to use the Stündenglass for smoking food, though this requires additional tools like a blowtorch and wood chips.

Performance and Experience

The Stündenglass delivers smooth, flavorful hits with each use. The gravity-induced pressure ensures that the smoke is dense, providing a body-encompassing high that is cleaner than what you'd get from a regular bong.

Stundenglass accessories

The contactless delivery system is particularly noteworthy, making it more sanitary and suitable for group sessions in the era of heightened germ awareness.

Price and Value

Priced at around $600, the Stündenglass is undoubtedly a premium product. While its cost might be steep for some, the device's durability, versatility, and unique smoking experience justify the investment for serious enthusiasts. It's not just a smoking device; it's a conversation piece and a statement in any home.

Buy it now at the official Stündenglass webshop.

Be sure to keep a lookout for limited edition ones like this awesome Mike Tyson collab featuring boxing gloves.

Mike Tyson Limited Edition - Stündenglass Gravity Bong - Boxing Gloves


The Stündenglass Gravity Bong is an innovative, versatile, and stylish device that elevates the smoking experience. Its unique design and functionality make it a standout choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for something more than just a bong. Whether you're into dry herbs, concentrates, or even culinary smoking adventures, the Stündenglass offers a premium experience that's hard to match.

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