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The 3 Best LED Grow Lights on Amazon That Don't Suck

The 3 Best LED Grow Lights on Amazon That Don't Suck


When it comes to growing cannabis or any indoor plants, the quality of light can make all the difference. LED grow lights have revolutionized indoor gardening, offering full-spectrum illumination that mimics natural sunlight, promoting faster growth and higher yields with lower energy consumption. This guide reviews three leading brands on Amazon — Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, and HLG — and highlights their top products based on customer feedback and performance metrics.

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Spider Farmer Grow Lights

Spider Farmer is a brand that has earned its reputation for affordability and effectiveness in the LED grow light market. Known for its well-constructed design and energy-efficient performance, Spider Farmer lights are a go-to for growers looking for reliable results without breaking the bank.

Top Spider Farmer Lights on Amazon

Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • Uses cutting-edge Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs for unmatched efficiency of 3.14 µmol/J PPE per diode.
    • Full-spectrum lighting with white, blue, red, and IR diodes.
    • Ideal for all growth stages with dimming and new diode layout for uniform PPFD.
  • Pros: High-quality construction, silent operation, energy-efficient with minimal power consumption.
  • Cons: May require additional units for larger grow areas.
  • Price Range: $100-180 (check price)
  • Product Description: This model stands out due to its impressive energy efficiency and full spectrum that includes 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 760nm lights. The SF1000's design ensures even light distribution and faster flowering times, boosting yields uniformly across the surface.
  • Customer Reviews: Growers love the SF1000 for its robust performance and customer support. One user mentioned, "I initially bought one unit... ended up purchasing three more... the lighting is fantastic!"

Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • Advanced Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs for top-notch efficiency.
    • Full spectrum for all stages of plant growth, with enhanced red and IR for bloom.
    • Energy-saving, solid construction, and user-friendly design.
  • Pros: Uniform light distribution, excellent heat dissipation, and dimmable features.
  • Cons: Price point may be high for some budgets.
  • Price Range: $200-280 (check price)
  • Product Description: The SF2000 continues to impress with its energy efficiency and ability to cover larger areas with its new diode layout. It's praised for its ease of use and the ability to connect multiple lights for expansive indoor gardens.
  • Customer Reviews: Users report that the SF2000 is "very easy to use, comes with everything you need to hang it... very impressed with the light."

Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • High-power Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs, maximizing efficiency and light output.
    • Broad full spectrum with white, blue, red, and IR lights.
    • Large coverage area with uniform PPFD distribution.
  • Pros: Covers large areas evenly, high output, and excellent for boosting yields.
  • Cons: Premium price and heavier unit.
  • Price Range: $340-400 (check price)
  • Product Description: The SF4000 is ideal for professional and commercial growers with its powerful output and expansive coverage. It offers high yields with its efficient light distribution and durable build.
  • Customer Reviews: A user shared, "This light is like a superhero for your plants... Since I plugged it in, my plants have been living their best lives."

Comparison of Spider Farmer Grow Lights

Product Name Key Specifications Price Range
SF1000 Power: 100W, Full Spectrum, No Fan Design $100-180 (check price)
SF2000 Power: 200W, Enhanced Red and IR, Energy-Efficient $200-280 (check price)
SF4000 Power: 450W, Large Coverage, High Yield Design $340-400 (check price)

Mars Hydro Grow Lights

Mars Hydro has been a frontrunner in the LED grow light industry, known for their budget-friendly yet powerful lights. The TS Series from Mars Hydro combines efficiency and user-friendly features, making them suitable for a variety of indoor gardening needs.

Top Mars Hydro Lights on Amazon

Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • New diode layout for uniform light distribution.
    • Patented 120° angle white reflector for wider coverage.
    • Dimmable and supports daisy chaining up to 50 LED lights.
  • Pros: High PAR/LUMEN output with energy savings, full spectrum with sunlike properties.
  • Cons: May require more units for uneven canopy or larger areas.
  • Price Range: $100-140 (check price)
  • Product Description: The TS1000 is upgraded with a new diode arrangement and a 120° reflector, ensuring even light distribution and stronger illumination. It's perfect for smaller setups needing efficient, effective lighting.
  • Customer Reviews: One enthusiastic grower noted, "Mars hydro lights are the best bang for your buck... the upgraded TS1000 is definitely where it’s at as far as usage/temp/output."

Mars Hydro TSW2000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • Enhanced uniform light distribution with new diode layout.
    • Stronger light with 120° reflector design.
    • Dimmable and daisy-chain capable for large-scale setups.
  • Pros: High efficiency and PAR output, saving energy and boosting yields.
  • Cons: Some users note the need for careful handling during installation.
  • Price Range: $200-250 (check price)
  • Product Description: The TSW2000 improves upon its predecessors with a stronger, more uniform light spread and energy efficiency. It's ideal for medium to large indoor gardens.
  • Customer Reviews: A user expressed, "Very energy efficient light over traditional LEDs... very affordable alternative... impressive growth with the new lights."

Mars Hydro TS3000 LED Grow Light

  • Key Features:
    • Highly reflective hood design for better canopy penetration.
    • New diodes layout for even light distribution.
    • Low energy consumption with high output.
  • Pros: Sunlike full spectrum, dimmable features, suits larger grow areas.
  • Cons: The weight distribution may require adjustments for even hanging.
  • Price Range: $300-400 (check price)
  • Product Description: The TS3000 boasts a highly reflective hood and a new diode layout, ensuring high efficiency and uniform light coverage. It's perfect for expansive indoor setups needing consistent, intense light.
  • Customer Reviews: "I just received my Mars Hydro light... these guys deserved one... the light is awesome, I can't speak to its longevity, I only just got it, but very impressed at the start."

Comparison of Mars Hydro Grow Lights

Product Name Key Specifications Price Range
TS1000 Power: 150W, New Diode Layout, Wide Coverage $100-140 (check price)
TSW2000 Power: 300W, Enhanced Light Distribution, Energy-Efficient $200-250 (check price)
TS3000 Power: 450W, Highly Reflective Design, Large Area Coverage $300-400 (check price)

HLG Grow Lights

Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) has set the standard in the LED grow light industry with their innovative quantum boards. Known for their high yields, outstanding bud quality, and efficient performance, HLG lights are designed with the discerning cannabis grower in mind.

Top HLG Lights on Amazon

HLG 200 Rspec

  • Key Features:
    • Full-spectrum light with dimmable feature mimicking natural sunlight.
    • High efficiency with Samsung LM301H LEDs and Deep Red.
    • Passive cooling design for better temperature control.
  • Pros: Compact design, natural light spectrum, and low heat output.
  • Cons: Coverage may be limited for larger grow areas.
  • Price Range: $250-300 (check price)
  • Product Description: The HLG 200 Rspec offers a commercial-grade, full-spectrum light that is perfect for smaller indoor setups. Its efficiency and natural light spectrum promote vigorous growth and flowering.
  • Customer Reviews: A user commented, "Great light, does not get hot... very nice for smaller setups."

HLG 350 Diablo

  • Key Features:
    • Wide design for better canopy penetration.
    • Full spectrum with Quantum Board technology.
    • Dimmable and efficient for various growth stages.
  • Pros: Excellent light spread, ideal for veg and flower cycles, high output.
  • Cons: Premium pricing, may be more than needed for casual growers.
  • Price Range: $530-560 (check price)
  • Product Description: The HLG 350 Diablo is designed to replace a 600W HID with its efficient and powerful output. Its broad coverage and full spectrum make it an ideal choice for serious growers.
  • Customer Reviews: "I've been wanting a better grow light... HLG 350R and you see the title GAME CHANGER HLG all you will need."

HLG 750 Diablo

  • Key Features:
    • High intensity and efficiency with Diablo Quantum Boards.
    • Integrated reflectors for improved photon delivery.
    • Over 2000 PPF output with high efficacy.
  • Pros: Ideal for large spaces, excellent penetration, and high yields.
  • Cons: Higher investment, but pays off with performance and yield.
  • Price Range: $900-1000 (check price)
  • Product Description: The HLG 750 Diablo is a top-tier light for commercial growers, offering intense light coverage and high efficacy. Its design ensures even light distribution and maximum yield.
  • Customer Reviews: "I liked how the light came pre-assembled... the yield I did get was pretty amazing... Highly recommend this light!"

Comparison of HLG Grow Lights

Product Name Key Specifications Price Range
HLG 200 Rspec Power: 196W, Full Spectrum, Dimmable $250-300 (check price)
HLG 350 Diablo Power: 350W, Wide Design, Quantum Board Tech $530-560 (check price)
HLG 750 Diablo Power: 715W, High Intensity, Large Coverage $900-1000 (check price)


Choosing the right LED grow light is a key factor in ensuring your indoor gardening success. Brands like Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, and HLG offer a range of products that suit different needs, from small home setups to large commercial operations. By selecting a model that fits your space and growth goals, you can optimize your plant's health and yield, ensuring a fruitful and rewarding growing experience. Always check the latest reviews and prices to make the best decision for your indoor garden.

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