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These are the 10 Best Quotes from "Super Troopers"

These are the 10 Best Quotes from "Super Troopers"

Who doesn't love quoting Super Troopers? If you're a fan, then this article is for you. We've collected 10 of the funniest quotes from the movie and ranked them according to their hilarity.

We're also celebrating that this classic and wonderful movie is turning 20 years old. Feel old yet? Yup, Super Troopers (IMDb) was released in 2001.

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This is a movie with cult status and loyal fans, much because of it's many great movie quotes. But which one stand out and are truly the best to quote at any and all times and events in your life as a die-hard fan?

We've compiled a list of our favorite quotes to help you swim in the nerdiness. We've tried to rank them fairly based on popularity, quotability and cult status.

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Super Troopers Quotes

10. "The snozzberries taste like snozzberries." - College Boy #3

The classic opening scene is one of the funniest ways to start a movie and to set the tone. Get those snozzberries.

who wants a moustache ride quote

9. "Who wants a moustache ride?" - Thorny

When you've arrested a pair of German sex addicts with a kinky side, moustache rides are always up for grabs! Now who wants one?

8. "See if they've got any chocolate bananas... Foster?" - Rabbit

Yummm, Bananas Foster are almost as delicious as this witty pun.


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captain ohagan quote super troopers

7. "I'll believe ya when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet." - Captain O'Hagan

Has to be read in an Irish leprechaun accent. One of many golden words from the chief.

ah biker im such an idiot super troopers quote foster

6.  "Ah, biker. I'm such an idiot." - Foster

When Foster and Ursula goes on a date with plans on being dressed like bikers, Foster misunderstands and shows up in a bicycle outfit.

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super troopers farva quote chickenfcker

5. "License and registration... chicken fucker!" - Farva

When you decide the "meow game" isn't edgy enough and ruin it. Thanks Farva!


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mac super troopers quote mexico

4. You boys like Mex-ee-co? Yee-haww!

With too much weed and magic mushrooms in your system. This is probably the last thing you want to see at the moment.

meow game quote super troopers

3. "Am I saying meow? Don't think boy, meow do you know how fast you were going?" - Foster

One of the most well known quotes from the movie is the "meow game". It was hard choosing which part of the long conversation to pick.

bearfucker assistance super troopers quotes

2. "Bear.. bearfucker... do you need assistance?" - Officer Smy

Such an iconic and short scene but it left an impression of all of us. Bless Officer Smy's heart for offering his assistance to the bearfucker.

littering and smoking the reefer thorny quote

1. "Littering and... littering and... littering and smoking the reefer." - Thorny

The most classic quote of them all according to us. Agree or not? Leave your comment below

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