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Who's the Stoner Guy in Stranger Things?

Who's the Stoner Guy in Stranger Things?

Introducing Argyle: A New Character in Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 is finally here, and fans are excited to see what's in store for the beloved characters of the show. One new addition to the cast is Eduardo Franco, who plays the role of Argyle. Argyle is pizza delivery guy, a friendly and helpful person, mostly referred as the "stoner guy" by the locals. He plays a key role in the story and forms a friendship with one of the main characters, Dustin Henderson.

Argyle in Stranger Things

Argyle is first introduced in the fourth season, as a friendly and laid-back guy working at the local pizzeria in town. He quickly becomes a confidant and supporter for Dustin, who is struggling to find his place after returning from a summer camp and missing his friends. Argyle is the one who advises Dustin about the new changes in the town and helps him to adapt to the new situation.

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Argyle's Evolution: From Stoner Guy to Key Player

As the season progresses, Argyle's role in the story becomes more significant. He becomes a valuable ally to the main cast and characters, offering them support and advice when they need it most. Argyle's carefree attitude and good-natured personality make him a standout character in the show, and his friendship with Dustin becomes one of the most heartwarming aspects of the season.

Argyle also shows a different side to his personality during some of the critical moments in the show, such as when he joins the fight against the new Russian threat and the unknown force that's attacking the town. He proves himself to be brave, resourceful and loyal, showing that he is more than just the "stoner guy" he was first perceived as.

Overall, Eduardo Franco's portrayal of Argyle brings a fresh and unique dynamic to the show, and he becomes a fan favorite in the 4th season of Stranger Things. His character's growth and development throughout the season makes for an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. Argyle's story arc is an interesting addition to the show, and it will be exciting to see what's next for this dynamic character in future seasons.

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